We, at the Ein Gev holiday Resort, believe in equal opportunities for the entire population and do everything we can to protect the dignity and rights of people with disabilities and strive to provide a pleasant and comfortable experience at our hotel.
Accessibility facilities throughout the resort:
  • Accessible rooms (2 Apartments First Row and 3 View Rooms for couples)
    include wide doorways, shower and restroom handlebars and grips and supplementary equipment
  • Designated parking spaces near accessible rooms
  • Accessible restrooms in reception and dining room lobbies
  • Hearing loop at reception desk
  • Signs and markings throughout the resort in accordance with the law
On our website you can use the accessibility module which allows easy and convenient browsing for all users, including adjusting the font size, highlighting links, voice commands, contrast adjustment and more.
Custom room reservations can be made at our reservations center 04-6659800
For more information you can contact the accessibility coordinator at [email protected].