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About us

The Ein Gev Resort is located on the eastern shore of Sea of Galilee at the base of the Golan Heights. The resort is one of the largest in the Sea of Galilee area, and it specializes in hosting events, entertainment, and vacation management for guests from Israel, and abroad.
The Ein Gev Resort invites you to enjoy a wonderful, calm, and relaxing vacation on the Sea of Galilee shore.
The resort offers bed and breakfast. The rooms are suitable for couples, families, and organized groups.
There are 166 rooms, 96 family units, and 70 couples’ rooms.
The rooms are located adjacent to the Sea of Galilee shore, and are beautifully decorated, and always clean, with luscious green lawns, and an atmosphere of freedom and tranquility.
Over the years, we have earned a good reputation, and we are dedicated to continuing to provide the highest-quality service to our customers.
Our guests enjoy the convenience of Wi-Fi Internet connections throughout the resort, and in the rooms, at no additional charge.
Those who make reservations through our website receive a 7% discount (no double discounts). The discount is included in the prices listed on the website, along with instant confirmation of your reservation.

The Ein Gev Resort staff is always at your service.
Important to know
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Check in time is from 15:00 on weekdays, and 19:00 on Saturday and holidays.
Check-Out time on weekdays is 11:00, and 16:00.on Saturday and holidays.
The use of sound systems, other than those provided by the resort, is prohibited.
Other than documented service animals for the blind and handicapped, pets are not allowed at the resort.