About the Resort

The Ein Gev Holiday Resort is the first on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee
and one of the largest and most popular in Northern Israel,
the perfect base for touring the area.

Warm hospitality and excellent service are the foundation of our well-earned reputation,
many of our guests have been returning for decades,
and every year newcomers add Ein Gev to their favorites list.
The Ein Gev Holiday resort has been blessed with one of the most beautiful beaches
around the Sea of Galilee, all rooms just a short walk from the lake.
Of our 174 rooms - 92 family units and 82 double rooms - 
74 are located on the front row overlooking the lake.
Green lawns and shaded beauty spots
make up the setting for a relaxing and comfortable break for everyone.

We invite you to enjoy a fabulous vacation by the Sea of Galilee.

Always here for you, the Ein Gev Team