Activities & Attractions

Hamat Gader – A tourist attraction for leisure and relaxation, offering thermal baths, a spa, a crocodile farm, and a mini-safari.

Chamey Tveria – Hot springs and thermo-mineral baths.

Luna Gal – The largest water-park in northern Israel, with lots of water attractions and sea-sports (seasonal).

Abukayak – Experience the Jordan River, with kayaking, rafting, and more. Sail through the exquisite river ecosystem, and experience the magical atmosphere of nature, and flowing water.

Rob Roy – Paddle the Jordan River in a canoe, and enjoy the Rob Roy site, which was designed and built with Native American techniques, using natural materials.

Bet Gabriel – A major cultural center in the Jordan Valley, where you can enjoy cinemas, galleries, shows, and cultural events.

Capernaum – The national park of Capernaum features an ancient synagogue, and the antique remnants of a fishing village from the time of the Second Temple.
Capernaum played a central role in the life of Jesus Christ, and sometimes it is referred as “the city of Jesus”. When Jesus left Nazareth, he came to Capernaum. “Leaving Nazareth, he went and lived in Capernaum, which was by the lake” (Matthew 4:13). At Capernaum, and its surroundings, Jesus chose his 12 apostles.

Tabgha – The area of Tabgha is known in Christianity as the place in which Jesus performed the miracle of loaves and fish. Today, a new church has been erected from the remnants of a Byzantium period church.

Church of the Beatitudes – A Catholic church that commemorates the Sermon on the Mount, conveyed by Jesus to the masses.

Kursi – The national park of Kursi is an archaeological site located by the east seashore of the Kineret (the Sea of Galilee). At this amazing site, you’ll find remnants of a Christian Monastery. According to Christian scripture, the site is where Jesus performed the miracle that cured two demon possessed men (see Matthew 8).

The Sea of Galilee Boat

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